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About "Bran Insect" Ltd.

Licenced firm, specialized in disinsection, deratization, disinfection

“BRAN INSECT” is a licenced firm, specialized in the implementation of disinsection (the extermination of insects: cockroaches, fleas, ants, ticks, flies, mosquitos, bedbugs, moths, wasps, etc.), deratization (the extermination of rodents: rats, mice, dormice, etc.) and disinfection (sterilization after illnesses, sewage, sanitation of pools, saunas, solariums, and so forth) in trade and domestic sites. The firm carries out single treatments against pests, as well as subscription services (contracts). Our clients include both the common households and offices, and those obligated by law to periodically carry out treatments, public function establishments (restaurants, fast food restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, bars, clubs, discotheques, etc.), as well as storage and factory areas (food, wine and tobacco industries' establishments, workshops, butcher's shops, grain bases, mills, silos and so forth).
We use products manufactured by leading world companies, such as BASF, Syngenta, I.N.D.I.A. etc. in our treatments. The detergents we process with have sanitary licences from the Ministry of health and suit the European safety requirements.
The treatments are carried out at an hour convenient for our clients, while the suspension of the establishment's work is not necessary.

Our work is implemented under CRIPCPH's (SHEI's) control by highly qualified experts with a director-an epidemiologist with a 20-year experience in the field of DDD treatments.

Certificates of qualification training for executives of DDD activities at the name of:
- Peter Todorov Tsvetkov, № 359/28.05.2004, issued by SHEI;
- Ginka Petrova Tsvetkova, № 318/26.09.2003, issued by SHEI.

ET “BRAN INSECT” is registered for activities concerning DDD at the Ministry of Health by No6000248/02.12.05 and conforms with art. 24 of Decree No3 from 24.01.2005.