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Destruction and combat bedbugs under the control of RHI (HEI)

Company Bran Insect known as "assassins of pests" guarantees high quality of its services. We have extensive experience in the destruction of bed bugs  and forest bedbugs in shops and private homes. Bedding bugs feeding with blood, and the forest bedbugs inhabit bushes and trees. We use only the highest class preparations without color and odor. Perform single treatments against bedbugs, and also conclude contracts and subscription ADI complying with RHI (HEI) and the Ministry of Health.

How to recognize Bed bugs?

  • Bitten by  Bed bug, are mostly at night, often initially mistaken as flea, mosquito and even ticks.
  • Indication of the presence of these insects over a longer period are brownish red small specks of dried blood under the mattresses and beds, but also on the walls, pillows and covers.
  • Older individuals reach 4-6 mm. length and have a red-brown color and prefer to live behind and wooden surfaces (mattresses, flooring, wardrobes, etc.).
  • Females Bed bug lay 1-5 eggs a day for about two months-  a total of 200 eggs in her lifetime.
  • The spread of these pests became the most frequently or passive - the transportation of furniture, clothing or baggage, or active - in movement of the hoof walls of dwellings, and in some cases with the help of birds and bats.

What are the guarantees for their destruction?

We are giving full guarantee of quality extermination of bedbugs in the following cases:

  • If you are absolutely sure that the problem is not more than 5-7 days after the first bite, you need to make at least two treatments. Unfortunately this indication in most cases is misleading, because in the first days adults can bite even once. After they have hatched eggs laid by them the bites get frequent, because the population grew and need more blood. This means that they can impose three consecutive treatments.
  • If you have established the existence of a bedbug even more than 10-14 days, is better to make three consecutive treatments. If you have seen even tier insects more than 20 days have to be carried out four successive sprayings.

 Important: The interval between the first and second treatment must be between 7 and 10 days and not later than 14 days, and the period between the second and third spraying is determined individually and varies between 10 and 20 days. After each spraying should not wash the preparation at least 14 days, but the floor can sweep or do with vacuum clean.

What concessions we are giving by killing bed bugs?

After the first treatment against bedbugs, any subsequent treatment is 10% off ie if the first spraying was worth as 50 lev, each subsequent treatment will be 45 lev, the number of treatments depends on the current state of the object and the size of the pest population.

Preconditioning of the premises in combating these pests.

  • The most important thing is that in residential buildings affected by bedbugs,  must be processed all spaces , not just the places that you sleep or rest.
  • A day before you visit our employees must vacuum cleaning or sweep gently across the floor to remove part of their eggs. Throw garbage in plastic bag away from home.
  • Get Ventilate as many clothes as possible before treatment and after spraying them aside. If the clothes are a lot just fit them in the middle of the closets, so that it can freely splash all vertical and horizontal internal surfaces.
  • Wash personal and your linen more than 45 degree temperature, both before and after the service combat bedbugs. This will destroy part of the eggs of bed bugs.

Important: Usually spraying it for about 20-45 minutes depending on the size and condition of the dwelling. Never leave clothes in plastic bags why so caused by our specialists preparations can not reach harmful bloodsucking insects.

What preparations do we use?

  • In combat bedbugs and other pests, we use only preparations of the highest class, which are not carcinogenic, and are approved for professional use by the Ministry of Health.
  • After treatment you have to go out,  and close tightly premises for at least 60 minutes.
  • Before re-enter the home ventilate well for about 15 minutes.