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Destruction and combating cockroaches under the control of RHI (HEI)

Cockroaches - destruction, protection and combat 

With many years of experience, competent service and use of highly preparations against cockroaches that are without color and smell, company Bran Insect Ltd. guarantees high quality of services. We offer single treatments against these harmful insects, and also conclude contracts and subscription ADI complying with RHI (former HEI), Food Safety Agency and the Ministry of Health.

What kind preparations we are using to destroy them and how long is the treatment?

We are working  with the most advanced preparations for destruction cockroaches, which are not carcinogenic (not cancerogenic), so there is not need to leave the premises treated for more than 30-60 minutes. An exception is when there is pregnant women or children under 2 years of age. Then it is better to leave the premises for about two hours.

  • Before re-enter the housing should ventilate for about 15 minutes.
  • When there are immobilized  people, please leave the windows open at the time of treatment. So the operation will be reduced but will be delayed for several days.
  • Service  takes between 15-30 min. Depending on the size of the place.

Preparation of the premises before spraying against cockroaches.

  • Just before we visit, please move furnitures where is possible about 1 cm away from the walls. However, if is not possible will be sprayed around and under them and the effect is also guaranteed.
  • Get empty the space under the kitchen sink.
  • Move out from the kitchen countertop  electrical appliances, devices,  food, spices, etc., because  is well to be nothing on it, so that can be treate  under the hanging capbords, as spraying against cockroaches inside them is not necessary.
  • In the presence of open risers (pipes) in the bathroom is good to open them, to process and there.

What guarantees and discounts we are giving for the disposal of cockroaches.

  • In the most of the cases company Bran Insect gives 100% guarantee of quality destruction of cockroaches after the first spraying.
  • Two consecutive sprays should only be necessary in cases where single individuals are seen during the day (this is a sure indication of the increased number of cockroaches as they are active mostly at night) or if you have used non-professional preparations to which the insects have developed resistance. In those cases, for better quality effect, the interval between the two treatments must be 20-30 days, the re-treatment used 10 leva discount on the price of the initial treatment.

Important: Our experience has shown that to achieve a lasting effect is needed to process all areas of the site concerned. Otherwise, the risk cockroaches to transfer from one room to another and become resistant as preparation act only where it is applied. This does not mean that if around the block is treated only one dwelling will have no effect. Actually the effect will be excellent, but only in the rooms in which is treated and the preparation create protective barrier.

How can assist us in controlling these pests?

  • Do not wash the preparation (can sweep or vacuum clean) at least 14 days after treatment, at a distance of one inch of the walls - this is not a problem because we work with products of the highest class - without color and odor.
  • Do not allow young children to the walls, because even the best preparations is not good to be touched by them.
  • Day after treatment start to plug up in the evenings, before bedtime with rubber or plastic plugs all channels in your home. The sink drain in the kitchen, and that the shower in the bathroom are the most important.

What is the risk if you do not use a professional company against cockroaches?

  • Mass usage retail preparations for destruction cockroaches leads to poor quality and short-term results. Moreover, even if the preparation is good, only professionals will know what concentration at which type cockroaches is most appropriate to use and how is the right to occupy this product. Remember that these insects easily develop resistance and are the only in that  planet what easily adapt to most chemicals.
  • Do not overlook the fact that to achieve a lasting effect against these pests must be carried out periodically and supportive treatments. For the proper conduct of combat cockroaches are crucial: what kind of are, what is their number, how long is the problem with them, but also the location, size and type of the object.

Do you know how they  reach you?

Most often they are actively disseminate i.e. self-propelled or passively - by transferring luggage, food, electrical appliances and even through the soles stuck on you their eggs - ooteki.

How many actually are the main species of these insects?

In the world аre known over 3500 species of cockroaches of which only about 1% - 2% live in close  to humans. In Bulgaria these insect pests are most prevalent mainly 3 types. These are: Blattella germanica or brown cockroach, Blatta orientalis cockroach or black and brown-brindled or Furniture cockroach.

The most common types of cockroaches in the world.

Among the most famous in the world species: Periplaneta Americana or American cockroach, Periplaneta Australasiae or Periplaneta australazie and Periplaneta Fuliginosa or Periplaneta fuliginosa.