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Disinfection — sterilization after illnesses, miry waters, sanitation

Etymologically the term "Disinfection" means the destroying of the contageous source(from the latin des-without and infectio-infection). In other words, this is a process of termination of the pathogenic microorganisms (parasites) and prevention of their recurrence. Disinfection could be prophylactic (preventive) or compulsory (of a nidus).
Prophylactic is this disinfection, which is carried out where there is still no danger of a nidus ocurrence, but there are auspicious conditions for its appearance.
Compulsory disinfection is the one that is carried out during an already arising nidus, and its main purpose is the fastest possible restriction of the infection's perimeter. When it is carried out during the illness's course, it is called a current disinfection. The current disinfection should be implemented from the very beginning of the illness. And the last stage of the compulsory disinfection is the final (terminal) disinfection. It is performed after the sick person's recovery, his or her moving or death.