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Fight dormice with new preparations for protection against them

Dormice are rodents that have thick tail similar to that of squirrels and snout like a rat. They are excellent climbers and are active mainly at night.- Frequently dormice like to settle on the ceilings to which have not free access, which makes them very difficult to find and exterminate. Dormice mostly settled in buildings that are near forest and other dense vegetation to obtain food supplies - mainly nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc. Indication of their presence are noises on the roof in the night. Sounds resemble rolling objects, and most of game with ball. However, there is a chance that these noises are from rats or mice, so it is best to see where and when entering the dormouse and note whether you see them near your property. Remember that they are extremely clever and astute rodents and capture or destruction at hand is almost impossible, and if they understand that you try to eliminate or expel become even more cautious.

Therefore, company Bran Insect thanks to long experience, has specialized in making effective preparation against dormice, which guarantees quality protection and expulsion carried out and remove these harmful rodents of roof spaces, sheds and any other sites affected by them foray.