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Destruction and fight against fleas under the control of RHI

Fleas - destruction, protection and combat

We guarantee high quality, due to years of experience, competent service and high-end products - without color and odor. Perform single treatments against fleas, and also conclude contracts and subscription DDD complying with RHI  and the Ministry of Health.

Are harmful preparations we use in destruction?

  • Work only with highly preparations which are not carcinogenic, therefore not need leaving the treated areas for more than 30-60 minutes. After that just ventilate well for about 15 minutes.
  • Only children under 2 years old and pregnant women, preventive have to leave the site for at least 2 hours, and here ventilation must be for about 15 minutes.

How to prepare the site before ordering protection from fleas?

Important: When working in residential buildings must be treated all dwellings, not just places where you noticed fleas.

  • The day before making protection from fleas must thoroughly vacuum cleaning or sweep the entire floor. Throw the garbage in plastic bag away from home. This will remove some of their eggs, which will enhance the effects of treatment.
  • If you have a pet - cat or dog, make sure you deworming it the day before our visit. Get Ventilate as many clothes as possible before treatment- open space, terrace, till after the spraying. Fit them in closets so that it can freely splash only bottoms.
  • If the problem with fleas in basements, establish whether it is inhabited by dogs, cats, rats or mice because they are their main carriers is good to tell us in advance to take care about them as well.

How to distinguish flea bites from other pests?

  • Flea bites are most common in the legs, as pimples are relatively small in size. Bite itself is painless, as they generate pain-relieving substances, and most often leads to skin rashes and allergies.
  • By  bedbugs the bites happen only at night and pimples can be quite painful and larger than those of the fleas.
  • In addition to bedbugs bitten by fleas can be confused with those of mosquitoes or ticks. Only Ticks always keep under the skin of the host, and mosquitoes attacked mainly at night.

Specifics guarantees and discounts for combating fleas.

  • We give 100% guarantee for destruction with a single spraying, if the problem exists of 7 to 10 days.
  • When the object was attacked by fleas more than 10-14 days may need a second treatment. If the problem was more than 20-30 days must be made two consecutive treatments - only then again we can give you 100% quality guarantee.
  • By need of a second treatment is better to be donne between the 7th to the 10th day after the first one, or latest till the 14th day. - Whether you need more than one treatment depends on their initial size, as well as their habitat - in good askance yard fleas are much easier to kill than cluttered with luggage basement.

Important: By indoors should not wash the preparation for about 14 days, while treated outdoors should not wet the treated areas for at least 1 hour before and 1 hour after the treatment.

  • If you have need of second speing, the  treatment would be a 10% discount compared to the first one-  if the first spraying was 50 lev for example, the second will be for 45 lev.

What diseases can carry these insects?

The most widespread complaint after bitten by fleas are skin rashes and allergies. However, due to their proximity with these rodents and insects are vectors of endemic murine typhus, tularemia, plague and even anthrax.