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Destruction and the fight against flies with new products

With many years of experience and highly competent service, effective preparations  without color and smell, company Bran Insect Ltd.  ensure the highest quality of services, both in homes and in commercial areas. We offer single treatments against flies, and also conclude contracts and subscription DDD complying with RHI, Food Safety Agency and the Ministry of Health.

What products and methods we use to combat the flies?

  • We work only with the most modern pheromones and preparations to combat flies, which are not carcinogenic, while blow effect on the entire population, have not to leave the premises treated as not emit harmful substances into the air.
  • We offer two universal method for destruction of flies. The first is by spraying the infested by flies areas - it is more suitable for locations with a large area and with high ceilings and difficult to reach. The second method is by spreading preparations containing pheromones and attractants that entice these harmful flying insects. It is extremely discreet and effective and as well as spraying guaranteed results in a short time. The additional advantages are that it is done very easily and can be processed and the finest places without disturbing the functioning of the dwelling or premises.

Important: To achieve fast and lasting effect we recommend for larger objects to perform a combination of spraying and spread against flies.

How long the effects after treatment?

Preparations we are using, are so effective that flies begin to die en masse at the first hour after treatment, as the final effect occurs within a few days, depending on site location and initial densities of pests. The effect of the preparations is till around 2-3 months. Given the specifics of this organism, it is a very long period, and problems with flies in Bulgaria are mainly in the summer.