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Spraying against mosquitoes with new preparations for protection from

Mosquitoes are bloodsucking insects, living in areas with higher moisture content, standing or running water slightly. They are more than 2000 species, the most dangerous are the malarian-  carriers of malarial fever.

Mosquitoes have four stages of development: EGG> larva> pupa> Imago. The fight against mosquitoes is specific because the first three stages of development pass into the aquatic environment, and the last - the imago are actively flying insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded ( humans and animals) organisms.

Only the female mosquito sucks blood. It's lives by 2-6 months and lays 100-300 eggs. The male mosquito lives only 15-20 days. It has been shown that bloodsucking mosquitoes are host to more than 50 viral and bacterial infections that can be transmitted through a bite.

Destruction of mosquitoes is very specific process, as it requires a lot of knowledge of these insects.Therefore, very few people know that in order to be more durable protection of them have to be treated as much as possible in a large area. This of course is not always possible and in such cases it is most appropriate to use a combination of spray with high quality products in combination with placing insecticidal mosquito lamp.