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Combat rats under the control of Ministry of Health.

Rats destruction

Bran Insect Company Ltd guarantees high quality, due to many years of experience and highly qualified personnel rodenticides - preparations to combat rats, mice and other rodents. Perform as single treatments against rats and subscribed DDD contracts under the control of RHI , Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety and the Ministry of Health.

Are harmful the preparations we are using to exterminate them?

- After the preparations have been laid on a special places, our professional products do not emit unpleasant odors or toxic substances that can harm people.

- You do not have to leave the treated areas, but should be limited access for people and animals to set preparations, although they are made deliberately with a taste that is bitter for warm- blooded, while is highly attractive to rodents.

After how long time the rats die and where?

  • Since rats are easily adapted too many widely used products and because they live in a strict hierarchy and warn each other for any traps, poisons, etc., we use for exterminating only the most effective rodenticides professional acting between 5-10 days after consumption.
  • Modern rodenticides we use in 99% of the cases destroy rodents in their dens, i.e., away from places where are set the preparations.
  • Poisons we use have mummified effect, i.e., even pest is dead in the room, you do not want, his body would not smell for weeks, and in most cases about 3-5 days.

Caution: Many times after the destruction of rats is better to disinfect, as rodents are vectors of many disease-causing microorganisms.

Preparation of the premises before the extermination.

  • Note if rodents gnaw certain foods and please share this with our specialists.
  • Put away all fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. in hard to reach places for rats - cabinets, refrigerators, high shelves, etc.

How to help us for their destruction?

  • Do not touch reposition preparations against rats from the places they are set, and when you need to move them, better to use latex disposable gloves.
  • Seal all visible holes, i.e., try to keep them away as much as possible from your property and look for those holes who have not noticed at first sight.

What kind of guarantees we give about the fight with rats.

  • Guarantees in fighting rats depend on the type and number of rodents and also the location of the object. Important: visible presence of a rat does not mean that there are no others of them, as these pests live in colonies, often exceed 100 individuals.
  • To give you a specific security should be treated all areas of the site concerned and, if found nearby lawn or field, it will be best to treat and around the site.
  • We give 100% guarantee that we use preparations destroying rats even after a single consumption, but when an object is not managed properly or has a high population of rodents can impose two consecutive treatments at an interval of 10-20 days.

The most dangerous diseases carried by these pests.

Among the most dangerous human diseases are:

  • Leptospirosis - a bacterial infection transmitted through urine;
  • Plague - the scourge of the Middle Ages;
  • Typhoid.

What risks do you run exterminating them by yourself?

  • Rats as well as cockroaches are once of the few pests that quickly adapt to chemicals and easily develop resistance.
  • If you do not take care on time, and rats accustomed to eat for example cups with yogurt, destruction will be very difficult, as it would avoid even the quality rodenticides, but experience has taught us some tricks.