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Preparations against snakes under the control of Ministry of Health

Perform single protection from snakes and offer concluding subscription DDD contracts under the requirements of RHI and the Ministry of Health. Treating against all types of snakes and lizards living in Bulgaria.

What kind preparations to repel we use and how long is their effect?

We work only with the most advanced preparations to repel snakes, which are harmless to humans, plants and animals and do not kill snakes, only repel them away from the place you do not want to meet. Modern preparations used to combat snakes are effective both close and open areas. The durability of the treatment, however, is longer in closed sites, warehouses, basements, attics, etc., where external factors humidity, sun and dust are less. Depending upon the size, moisture content, temperature and location of the object, the action of the compositions may last between one and three months.

Note that after processing house or yard can immediately inhabit it since the expulsion of the reptiles are used only modern repellents - preparations that are made based on natural organic products which snakes and lizards are experiencing intolerance and because avoiding land treated with them without actually causing any harm.

What are the guarantees we give in fighting snakes.

In most cases we give 100% guarantee to remove snakes after the first treatment, the effect occurs between the first and third day of treatment. For their expulsion from closed areas most important thing is to be left open windows or doors through which reptiles undisturbed can leave the premises. Nobody can guarantee that in time, when the action of the preparations and reduce their scent becomes weaker, reptiles will not return again. So it is good to periodically treated against them, the most appropriate time for preventive treatments is spring - when the snakes wake up from hibernation and in autumn, when looking for wintering.

What are the most common types of snakes that we receive requests for protection from them or our customers order their preparation for their expulsion?

Over the years we have received most signals fighting vipers, blacksnakes and water snakes, as most often they were by mountain areas and places with dense vegetation in near.