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Protection of swallows by banishing with repellents

Bran Insect Company Ltd. offers a proven method to combat swallows, by modern bio degradable detergent that does not destroy them, and is completely harmless to birds, people, insects, plants or animals.

Methods and specificity in protection of these birds.

Our company rarely performed service protection from birds (mostly swallows and pigeons), as the range of our product is applied fairly easy, but the process takes longer than the other treatments we provide, and increases the final price. Fortunately, every customer can replace the preparation alone against birds, as it is developed for mass use.

If we agree to do the procedure, please note that we do not have a team of climbers and can strike the product only for easily accessible areas such as terraces, around windows, air conditioners and other places that are easily accessible and there is no risk of falling.

Specifics of preparation against swallows.

  • Duration of the action - about one year.
  • Products against swallows is non-toxic and very sticky and is good to placed it in locations that will be not in touch of people, i.e., is not suitable for application in window sills of terraces.
  • Turns primarily swallows, sparrows, blackbirds, smaller pigeons and doves and other nesting or landing birds from buildings and trees.- The color of the product is a milky-white, quickly dries and turns into a transparent film.
  • Apply the most precise with paintbrush - this avoids spreading on the walls or dropped on the floor. Other methods do not guarantee.
  • Treated surfaces have to be clean and dry.
  • The liquid is applied tightly on the treated surface by striping of 10-15 cm.
  • Processing places where the birds most often landed or where trying to build their nests.
  • For larger birds such as pigeons or gulls may have several application of the preparation.
  • Good to be applied at temperatures above 4-5 degrees Celsius in order to facilitate drying and to avoid spreading of the preparation.

Important: The best time for applying the preparation is early spring and before the swallows have started nesting. So, not need to push their nests and destroy the eggs inside or already hatched tiny birds. Another good time is in the fall, when the swallows fly south and leave their nests.

  • Before using, it is good to warm up preparation in a bucket of hot water or hot plate and stir it well. Be careful not to boil it- only slightly warm because it is active in a temperature range of -10 to 90 degrees Celsius. Before and during using, always mix well.

Caution: Do not pull apart preparation in the air or on birds. Do not use thinner. Stir it often. If there are nests first make sure that no eggs are inside, remove them and only then treated surfaces where you do not want the birds to nest. For cleaning, use mineral spirits, oil or powder detergents. Safety: During using the preparation, use protective equipment such as rubber gloves, goggles, hat or helmet, work shoes with non-slip soles.