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Spraying against ticks and mites - under the control of RHI

Company Bran Insect perform professional control of ticks and mites by splashing in any private or commercial projects. We guarantee high quality of our services, thanks to its long experience, competent service and the use of high-end products that are colorless and odorless. We offer single treatments against ticks and also conclude contracts and subscription DDD required by RHI, NVS and the Ministry of Health.

Whit what kind preparations we are  destroying ticks?

Control of ticks use only preparations of the highest class - without color and smell and approved by the Ministry of Health. Therefore, even an hour after performing spray you can inhabit treated grass or residential areas.

How to prepare lawns before spraying against ticks?

  • Before we visit please cut the  grass at a height of 5-10 cm. As if there are stack of it have to remove them before spraying. It is better on the grass areas to have not  many fallen leaves or twigs.
  • One hour before and one hour after spraying against ticks treated area should not be wet.
  • The first treatments is best performed early in the spring, when starting and propagation of ticks, and the last in late autumn.

Important: When the terrain allows, it's nice to be sprayed in 1-2 meters distance around the area subject, so there the grass have to be low for easy access. This will increase the security perimeter and will reduce the possibility of access to the mites to a minimum.

Preparation of rooms in combating ticks?

After treatment in indoor facilities is good premises to be closed for at least 1 hour. The floor should not be washed over a period of at least 14 days, but can be sweeping or vacuuming. Before re-enter the premises ventilate well for about 15 minutes. If the treated areas has immobilized peole bring them outside before the spraying, because windows and doors must be tightly closed, in order to achieve maximum effect.

Guarantees for the disposal of ticks

Before starting treatment against mites open areas should be cleaned as much as possible of twigs, grass and fallen leaves.By treated plants with a height of 10 cm. all ticks die within 1 hour after spraying. In lush grass, especially in areas where piles if remained inside single living individuals, no one can give you a specific guarantee.
 Important: The Ministry of Health recommends a minimum of twice a year to carry out spraying all open green areas. However, we advise you if the site they inhabit is very risky to say nearby homeless animals or is next to a field or forest, to be sprayed every month to be able to ensure your peace. However, heavy rainfall washed away even the finest modern preparations. Furthermore, the dust and the sun also reduce their effect.

What kind of dangers the  ticks bring and how they reach us?

  • Ticks are the most dangerous insects in Bulgaria as they are carriers and causes of the most deadly diseases to humans: Lyme disease, Q fever, Marseilles fever, tick-borne encephalitis, Tularemia and Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever. - These bloodsucking insects as parasites on humans and on the number of animals - cats, dogs, rats, mice, pigeons, horses, cows, sheep and the like.
  • In recent years become more frequent bites of ticks than in rural areas and in larger cities. This is due largely to the homeless cats and dogs, and the many pigeons inhabiting part of attics. Sometimes mites reach us by mice and rats that inhabit poorly managed basements and attics of residential buildings.

Caution: Whenever you walk in areas with high greenery be carefuly,  because there may have ticks! In the presence of the mite on you, do not show premature self-initiatives, and consult a doctor. Pay attention to your status at least 20 days after removal of the insect. It is known that some of the diseases transmitted by mites, if not taken timely measures can lead to fatal, because it does not remove the tick manuscript and trust specialist. These tips are not random, because it does not underestimate them.