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Destruction of wasps and hornets with effective preparations

Perform combat of axes, hornets, bumble bees and other stinging insects in roof spaces, homes, yards and shops of all kinds. Treatments with the latest preparations for destroying axes which are not carcinogenic and do not cause allergic reactions.

How can be contributed to the destruction of these insects?

  • Before ordering spray against wasps or hornets explain our operator exactly where is the place they settled, and also whether there is direct access to their nests. So the effect of combating them will come faster.
  • You have to orient us approximately how much time you have a problem with these insects - so we will consider the approximate size of their population and consequently will perform the best possible way and quality spraying.

What risk you run if we do fight axes?

Destruction of axes and all other dwelling insects such as hornets, drones, etc. is one of the - risky services we provide, as they often become irritable when disturbed.

Warning: Please be very careful if you decide to perform combat wasps or other biting insects in your home or commercial premises, as many people are allergic to stings of wasps and can sometimes be the worst happens, if not take on time necessary precautions.

Why to trust us?

We are spraying with only the latest preparations for the protection and destruction of axes with high efficiency, low toxicity and are not harmful to the health of humans, animals and vegetation. Also, our employees use special protective clothing to ensure our safety and further increase the possibility of making a quality service. Using all modern methods to combat pests such as axes, wild bees and hornets, we ensure their safe and lasting removal in all types and size objects.