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Destruction and combating carpenter ants (woodworms) under RHI control

Bran Insect Ltd. is a licensed firm fighting and protecting of carpenter ants many other pests. Disposing them both in homes and in commercial projects of any type. Working under the control of RHI and NVS. Our activity is registered in the Ministry of Health.

The way of fighting against carpenter ants and their larvae – woodworm.

Fighting carpenter ants and their larvae etc. woodworm is most difficult and specific process that we perform. This is due to the fact that the larvae of these insects spend most of its life hidden deep inside the timber. Very often remain live for several years in the already constructed objects - furniture, picture frames and more. To this ridiculous and undesirable situation occurs when omitted impregnation process (special treatment with protective varnish) of infected larvae wood that no one can say when it will begin to leave. For example, in an already built roof if attacked by these pests, even by impregnating will not solve the problem of 100% as it should be treated as extensions of all timber, and where there are splices that will not be possible, which would be a prerequisite for the survival part of the population.

How do we know if we are attacked by these insects?

The main indication of their presence are the open holes in the wooden objects, as well as specific scratchy sound accompanying their formation. From these holes later come new - already adult insects, which in turn migrated to another wooden surface in proximity.

Specifics for the disposal of carpenter ants?

Considering the above facts we offer a method for destroying carpenter ants, which, depending on  their age and densities, reducing their population from 50% to 70% and thus helps to increase the life of the affected timber several times. Furthermore, the method for protection from carpenter ants act guaranteed for one year by preventing their proliferation and other wooden parts.
The method is most effective indoors as roof spaces, warehouses, basements and more. This is because the open action of the preparation for carpenter ants is reduced by several factors: sharp temperature differences, sun, dust and rain, which in the closed premises are minimal.
The preparation that spraying is completely harmless to humans and animals and act only when applied on a wooden surface affected by woodworm. Preparation destroys the imago of carpenter ants i.e. adult insects, not larvae, which are rampant in the infested wood.
It is good to know that the longer the preparation stay in the  timber, the better the effect is. Thats why if is not necessary  should not wash the preparation. Moreover, indoor on the preparation is much less influence meteroologichnite conditions, which contributes even more positive effect.

Spraying against woodworm - periodicity and prices.

To combat woodworm with more devastating effect on their whole population is often needed between the tenth and fourteenth day of the first spraying, to do another treatment. For better results, after treatment of the premises keep them closed for about 2 hours.
The minimum value of the service is 30.00 leva.